Getting to Know TikTok Users [Infographic]

Is TikTok right for your social media marketing efforts? Should you be investing time into the latest short-form video trend?

There are various questions around TikTok, from how it operates, to its ownership, to how long it will stick around, rising competition, etc. The answers on each of these fronts are not definitive, and will largely come down to your own perception and opinion based on reports.

But the broader question, if you are considering the platform within your digital marketing approach, is whether it’s worth it for your brand? Is your audience on TikTok? Does your brand messaging align with what works in the app?

To help provide some perspective on the latter point, TikTok has this week published a new set of audience insights, covering some basic usage trends to help brands understand what works.

The pointers are somewhat generic, but they may provide some guidance for your approach. 

TikTok user behaviors

Source:Social Media Today